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I Tried It – A Collagen-Based Beauty Supplement

This post is sponsored by Taut® Collagen. However the statements and opinions expressed are entirely my own, and based on my own individual experience.  As a dietitian, I’m educated and trained to be skeptical of food products and supplements that sound too good to be true. For good reason, as it is my mission to help […]

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“I Only Shop the Perimeter” – A Nutritional Humblebrag Myth, Debunked

As a dietitian, I often find that others try to relate to me with their knowledge of the latest nutrition media stories and trends, which of course I love to discuss. However, I sometimes cringe at some of the blanket nutrition rules that are echoed to me from the media, such as “all carbs are bad” […]

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<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> You can now follow me on Bloglovin’ too! Bloglovin’ is a great way to discover & follow all of the blogs you love. It’s kind of like a Pinterest for all types of blogs. I’m digging it, and I hope you do too! Just go to and search […]

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ABC’s of Weight Loss: C & D is for Cleanse & Detox

“Cleanse and detox for faster weight loss”. I mean, it sounds strategic & promising, doesn’t it? And it is a message that is blasted to you every time you open up your Instagram or Facebook feed from some sponsor or ‘fit-spirational’ account. So, do you think that a cleanse or so-called-detox is really necessary for you […]

B is for Begin

ABC’s of Weight Loss: B is for Begin

Why do you think that you have to wait to begin to lose weight? Seriously, you know you’re guilty of this mind game. The concept that “on Monday, I’m going to start my diet”, or “in January, I’m going to join a bootcamp”. You know what that type of thinking does? It sets you up for […]

ABC's of Weight Loss
A is for Accountability

ABC’s of Weight Loss: A is for Accountability

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! You could be anywhere in the world right now, but you’re here with me, reading this post. I appreciate that, and I want to do everything I can to help you achieve your health, fitness, and/or weight loss goals this year. That’s why I decided to kick off […]


The Nutrition Magic of Chicken Soup

While it comes in many different forms – from Vietnamese Pho to “Jewish Penicillin”, chicken soup might just be the universal comfort food. It is the perfect solution to a chilly winter day, and no food is as soothing when you have a cold or the flu. Speaking of which, I just caught my first […]

Pumpkin Pie with Oatmeal Cranberry Crust

Pumpkin Pie with Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Crust

Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Sweet Loren’s® All Natural Cookie Dough. I only partner with food brands that I believe are worthwhile, and that offer a strong nutritional proposition for their respective food category. Sweet Loren’s meets both my personal and professional approval. Thank you to Sweet Loren’s® for supporting Nutrition Guru!  Spice up […]

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